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First Aid required in road accident in Greece

Are you prepared to act and help in an emergency to save a life?

  • Two cars collide, one lands on its roof seriously injuring the occupants.
  • Someone cuts a finger in the kitchen.
  • At the gym, an older gentleman collapses from a heart attack.
  • On a Mountain walk, a man falls and breaks a leg.
  • A lady eating in a restaurant chokes on food and is unable to breathe.

Greece has the highest number of road deaths

  • Eurostat reports 13.6 per hundred thousand people died in a traffic related accidents in 2009 in Greece. The highest death rate in Europe
  • 1 in 5 people die from high blood pressure
  • 50% of the western world die of heart related diseases
  • In 2009 London, UK recorded an average response time of six minutes and 22 seconds for an ambulance. How long would it take here in Athens?
  • Without help, a non breathing person will die within 4 minutes.

It happens every day, some of these people just need a helping hand while others will die or suffer serious permanent injury if not immediately attended to. Many things separate those who live and escape serious disability from those who die or suffer long after their misfortune. The individual’s fitness and health, the severity of the initial incident, the distance from medical care and often, just plain luck. No one can control these variables.

But there’s one variable you can control when you’re on the scene of any medical emergency, and that is YOU.

Often, life versus death or complete recovery versus long-term disability lies with a non-professional emergency responder providing care from when the incident happens until the arrival of professional medical personnel. If you are trained in first aid, you can provide that care. YOU can be an Emergency Responder.

As a first aider, you can’t guarantee that a patient will live or fully recover. There are many parameters beyond your control.. but you can feel confident that given the circumstances…. Everything that could be done.. Will be done…..

By becoming an Emergency Responder you will be fully equipped to deal with such situations and make a difference. Becoming an Emergency Responder not only equips you to deal with emergency situations in your everyday life, but can also be a valuable skill required in many places of work. Many colleges and university programmes also require you to have a first aid qualification. All of our First Aid training programmes carry an
internationally recognised certification.