First Aid Products

First Aid Greece

 is able to offer very competitive rates on a range of high quality first aid kits, accessories, and automated external defibrillators. Whether you require a well specified first aid kit for your pet,

a family burns kit

, or a

20 person health and safety approved work place first aid kit

we have something to suit.
Customers who book one of our First Aid training courses will receive a discount on First aid Kits. All medical devices are CE approved. Customers can pay for goods using cash or credit card. We can ship to addresses in Greece.
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

HeartSine Samaritan PAD AEDs

  First Aid Greece are the authorised distributor for HeartSine AEDs. We can supply the full range of AEDs including public access defibrillators and personal defibrillators. HeartSine PAD AEDs are unmatched in price and come with a unique 10 year warranty. They are ISO and CE approved and have passed military drop tests. The AED's feature a clean, uncluttered design and are optimised for fast, efficient operation and rapid delivery of life saving therapy.
Burn dressings, burn treatments, burns kits

Burn Dressings and Burn First Aid Kits

Until now, cool running water has been the best treatment for burn accidents at home, however Reliburn burn dressings and gels offer a new and advanced way to treat all types of burns. Reliburn reduces pain, stops infection and further tissue damage. View our range of burn dressings, burn gels and complete burn first aid kits.
Personal First Aid Kits

Personal First Aid kits

View our range of comprehensive family and personal first aid kits, ideal for the home, car, backpacks or purses. We have first aid kits to suit all environments and activites such as sports, travelling overseas, vehicle kits, children kits, burns kits and even a first aid kit for pets. All first aid kits are supplied in a lightweight water resistant bag.
Workplace First Aid Kits

Workplace First Aid kits

Health and Safety approved (HSE) Workplace First Aid kits are available in 10, 20, and 50 person sizes and supplied in strong and durable cases designed to handle a tough environment. Kits are also available for the catering industry. Each box contains superior first aid products of the highest quality and they are very affordable.
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