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Samaritan PAD 400 PDU
Samaritan PAD 400 PDU Samaritan 400 PDU carry handle Samaritan PAD 400 PDU personal AED Samaritan PAD 400 PDU safe and easy to use

HeartSine Samaritan PDU 400 Personal Defibrillator

€840.00 +VAT (€1,033.20)

The Samaritan PDU 400 personal defibrillator is designed for home or personal use.

More than 80% of all sudden cardiac deaths happen at home, at leisure or at work. Owning a personal defibrillator is the best defence against sudden cardiac arrest. An AED must be used within minutes for the best chance of survival. Therefore it makes good sense to keep a personal defibrillator in the home or in the car ready for use.

This defibrillator is safe and easy to use. Once turned on, the unit will instruct you exactly what to do. You do not need to be a nurse or doctor and you are legally allowed to use an AED in Greece.

The PDU 400 has a 5 year battery life. If this personal defibrillator is used in an emergency or after the battery has expired, the unit needs to be returned for refurbishment.

The unit is supplied with a 5-year warranty and is the lowest cost personal defibrillator on the market.

First Aid Greece is pleased to offer FREE CPR and AED training for individuals purchasing the HeartSine Samaritan PDU 400. Terms & Conditions apply.
Ask for further details.
What's in the package?
  • Samaritan PDU 400 for adults and children age 8 upwards
  • Internal 5 year battery & electrodes
  • User guide
  • Quick reference card
  • 5 year warranty

  • Automatic audible and visual instructions
  • Combined battery and electrodes
  • Smart Biphasic Technology
  • CE and ISO and Aerospace Approved
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Single Use, refurbishment programme available
  • Weight: 1.1Kg
  • Dimensions W18.5 x H5 x L20 cm
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